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Hello, and Welcome To My Partner Center

Partnership is essential in our daily lives and also in the ministry.
No man or ministry is an island.  
As individuals we are connected and joined by the Spirit of the Lord
and are members one of another.

Partnership is God's way of Empowerment.
Partnership releases a transfer of Power Financially and Spiritually.
When we, the church, can possess the finances to match the vision,
then things happen for you, me, and those in our church and city.

Join me today as a Partner.
Your input will be valued and Partnership treasured.
Help me reach our Nation, Teach and Preach God's Word, and Build His Kingdom.

Benefits of Partnership

Newsletter   - to keep you informed of News, Revivals, & etc. 

To become a Partner online, please complete our online Partner Form

You Can also make a Donation by using the "Donate" button below:
If you wish to send a Love Gift or Offering through the regular overland mail: 

Email me HERE or HERE stating your intent to become a partner with me.
State your name, address, and the amount you wish to contribute Monthly, Quarterly, etc.

Make checks to: "David Fuller International Ministries, Inc."
You may abbreviate: "DFIMI" .
Gifts are Tax Deductible for U.S. Citizens.

If you wish you may call:

Cell ( 254 ) 744 -1107

Thank you for helping me reach America and
the Nations of the world with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What I Believe - Statement of Faith


Share your prayer requests -  send a praise report.
We love to hear from you and may even place it online for you

Send Your Prayer Request

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