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Greetings in the name of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

This has been a very busy year so far!

Usually December and January are very slow months for traveling ministers.

Many times I have several open dates January through April.

However this year has been different.

I have been ministering every week.

I’m thankful to the Lord for open doors for my ministry.

Indications are that 2015 will continue to be a very busy year.

I believe it will be a very productive one as well!

In January I preached in Texas, Kentucky, and Arkansas.

The Lord has blessed in the many services so far this year.

I have trips coming up soon back to Kentucky and a special meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, and in my home state of Texas.

2015 is an important year.

This is the year of the Shemitah.

Every 7th year was a Sabbath year in Israel.

See Exodus 23:10, 11.

In the past Semitah years have seen some history making events.

Also at the end of the Shemitah year of the Jewish calendar, which is in September, will begin the year of Jubilee.

There will be blood moons again this year on Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles, the second year in a row that this has happened.

Four blood moons on Jewish Feast Days in successive has only happened three times in the last 500 years.

In the past when this has happened there have been climatic events for Israel and the Jewish people.

Many have taught that the Rapture will happen the next Jubilee year.

The Jubilee occurs every 50 years.

Also some Bible teachers have taught that the Rapture will happen on the Feast of Trumpets.

This will occur in September, about the start of Jubilee and the end of Shemitah.

So this could be a year of very climatic events.

If you want more information on the Shemitah read Jonathan Cahn’s book “The Mystery of the Shemitah.”

Certainly the Lord is soon to return!

It is true that we must not set dates for the Lord’s return, but we must work while we can because the night comes when no one can work.

See John 9:4

Every indication is that we are very close to the return of our Lord!

Anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide.

Our country has always been a staunch ally of Israel.

Our current President as backed away from being a strong supporter of Israel.

The Bible said that Israel would be alone among the nations.

See Numbers 23:9.

However God will fight for Israel!

Let us pray that our nation continues to stand with Israel!

Realizing where we are in history and in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy we must pray and work as never before.

Let us try to win our friends and loved ones to Jesus Christ before it is too late!

This past November the Lord gave me a dream.

I was to leave that week for preaching engagements in Michigan.

In the dream I was on my flight coming home.

I looked toward the front of the plane and the flight attendants were playing and not doing their job.

I saw that the door to the cockpit was open so I decided that I would go and see what was going on.

As I walked toward the cockpit the flight attendants were oblivious to me.

They were involved with their playing.

I looked in and the pilot was leaning back in his chair was sound asleep.

I did not see a copilot.

A flight attendant was standing behind the pilot, but seemed to be unconcerned also, not paying any attention to the sleeping pilot.

I looked out the window and we were flying just above the treetops.

I thought that the plane may be about to crash.

I was wondering what to do.

Should I disturb anyone and awaken them?

I awoke with these thoughts in my mind.

I did not think the dream was a personal warning to me not to fly.

I felt that it had a spiritual meaning, but what was the interpretation?

I conferred with some other ministers, one of them being Bishop Samuel Smith.

He said the dream was prophetic, that he had a similar dream several times.

He felt that the plane was the nation and that the pilot and flight attendants were leaders of our nation.

They were unaware of danger.

I felt that the Lord was telling me to sound the alarm and try to awaken people with the gospel message, and the soon return of the Lord.

Pastor Steve Skiba met me at the airport in Toledo, Ohio.

I told him my dream.

A shocked look came upon his face.

He told me that his wife had just told him that morning of a dream she had the previous night.

She was on a plane with their family.

She had gotten out of her seat and gone to the bathroom.

She felt the plane going into a sharp decline.

She thought that she needed to get back to her family before the plane crashed.

They crashed before she could make it back to her seat.

She and her family were not hurt, but many people were.

She and her family begin to try to help those who had been injured.

I believe that the Lord is speaking to His body.

We must try to awaken people out of spiritual sleep so they can prepare to meet the Lord.

When trouble does come Christians must be prepared to help those around us.

The Lord has been dealing with me on the subject of prophecy and I will be posting some exciting articles on my website.

Also, on the website are Bible studies in 58 languages.

I am very excited about this!

Thank you for your interest and support of our ministry.
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