Words of Knowledge:
2015- A Year of Danger and Opportunity

The future has never been more uncertain!

There are very disturbing things happening in the Middle East.

Israel is constantly under the threat of rocket attacks.

Israel is finally doing something about trying to eliminate this problem.

What do the nations of the world do?

They accuse Israel of overreacting.

Very little is said by these nations when it comes to condemning those who are daily attacking Israel.

There is the threat of a major war breaking out in this region.

When things like this happen in this part of the world it always gets the attention of those of us who know what the Bible says about this area.

Nations are aligned just like Ezekiel prophesied over twenty-five hundred years ago.

The economy of the nation and the world is in serious trouble.

No one seems to have the answer to this major dilemma.

The government cannot continue to mortgage the future in order to survive today!

In addition to these and other major problems, there is the spiritual plight of the nation.

Militant homosexuals are becoming increasingly more vocal and demanding that all of us affirm their lifestyle.

If we declare what the Bible says about this sin we are labeled as bigots.

There is a possibility that it will become a crime to preach against this sin.

Jesus said that as it was in the day of Sodom and Gomorrah, so it would be in the days of His return.

See Luke 17:28-30

However, we should not be in despair or live in fear.

Yet God’s word says where sin abounds grace will much more abound!

See Romans 5:20

There have never been more fertile conditions for revival.

God is still on the throne, and He is in control.

The world is not spinning out of control.

God has a plan, and He will bring about His purpose.

I believe that negative conditions in the world, as those mentioned above, will cause people to be more open to God.

Many will look to the church for answers.

God will take care of His people.

Do not be afraid to support the work of the Lord.

Isaac sowed in the land in the time of famine and reaped one hundred fold.

See Genesis 26:1, 12

He was prosperous even though many people were suffering from a bad economy.

We look to the Lord as our source.

He will supply our needs according to His riches.

See Philippians 4:19

I believe that we have to get the church out of the church!

How do we do this?

We do it through lifestyle evangelism.

We go to church to be encouraged, equipped, and empowered!

Your service for the Lord takes place outside the church building.

More miracles took place in the gospels and Acts outside the church and synagogue than it did inside.

If you are a born again Christian you need to believe and expect God to work mightily through you!

God said that signs would follow believers, not just preachers!

Every Christian can pray for people and see wonderful things happen.

So, in this uncertain era, there are some things that are certain.

God will take care of you if you live for Him and put your trust in Him.

There is a great revival that has already begun.

Soon it will be more evident in our country.

The Lord is in control.

He wants His mighty power and love to flow through you to reach other people.

Thousands of Muslims and Jews are turning to Christ.

The numbers will greatly increase in the near future.

Live a repentant life.

Serve Jesus with all your heart, and expect Him to work mightily through you!

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